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Shower Inset

30th September - foreground

I take a lot of photos. In the past few years, I've spent a silly amount of money and time on my photography hobby, but I think I needed a hobby. It's possible that my hobby is responsible for some serious positive changes in my life. I'm sharing a special version of a recent sunset photo with you. This one has been run through a program to turn it into a colored pencil sketch. I don't take many sunset photos, because ... everyone takes them. And most people take them wrong. You don't actually want a photo of a sunset, no matter how rich and lovely the colors are. The sunset is a backdrop. You take the photo of something in the foreground, dramatically silhouetted against that backdrop. I think I've lived a lot of my life making that mistake - focusing on the background instead of the foreground. Losing myself somewhere I'm really not. The sunset colors are pretty in my photo - they were taken as the blood moon rose and the sky at the other horizon was in deep fury. And under that fury stands a city, straight and stalwart, man issuing challenge to sky with concrete and steel.




I've only had shawarma a couple times, but it was quite lovely.