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13th October - nonfiction

I read mostly fiction. And by read, I mean listen to. I don't have much time to read with my eyes, but my daily commute is about two hours (and I work a ten hour day), so I use the windshield time to listen to books. About three years ago, I recognized that I'd had a number of notable personality changes (this wasn't on one of my caffiene restricted months), most of which were positive. The prior me would've recognized the new me and felt pleasantly surprised. I had a bit of an insight, if a somewhat obvious one, that prior me had input on new me. I was essentially raising myself. With that in mind, I started adding in some non-fiction books into my listening list. Spanish lessons (which may finally be taking root), books about writing, books about appreciating music, etc.

It hasn't really worked out, yet. I'm better at buying non-fiction than listening to it. Except that I think I finally want to. I don't know why, except that a newer prior me was influencing the current me. I just take a while to be persuaded.

Also, here's a mellow, uneasy Halloween playlist if you're so inclined.